Ukiko 卯季子 - VRChat Avatar 3.0

13 ratings
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Ukiko 卯季子 - VRChat Avatar 3.0

13 ratings

Big Booty Bunny GF

Ukiko is a very intelligent lustful bunny girl created solely to seek out your carrot!

Avatar Features:

A BIG ASS with big colliders, gravity, and bigger things, Custom Particle Gestures(similar to shiryo), 4+ DPS Options(Futa Included), Sliders for DPS, Sliders for Body, Slider for Thong to come off slightly, Belly bones + colliders, Toggle for Glasses, Pasties, & Tail. Toggle combinations for the bunnysuit, 6 Hair options & combinations, Locomotion Options in menu.

Avatar Credits:
Body by
Pandabear#9873 (Deliberately Edited)

Head by Onion#1515 

Glasses by CupcakeSprinkle#0566

Hair by Boo (linked) ~ Hair by Xilixa#0069 ~ Hair by khihani#3550

Bunnysuit by Miriloo#8133

Rings by Aika#6666

Heels by Renipuff#3700 , Xiggli#0001,

Locomotion by Wetcat#6969

Avatar Clone System By Dextro#0001

VRC Avatar Tools: Fluff's Toolbox'

Avatar Short Info

Everything else by me.

Avatar Install Order - Unity Requirements:

  • VRCSDK3 (not included) - (Import over)

  • Latest Poiyomi Shader or Latest Poiyomi Pro Shader(Recommended) - not included

  • Dynamic Bones (any version) Latest Recommended not included

  • Dynamic Penetration System by Raliv Latest not included

  • Ukiko Avatar Package LAST!

  • Must have basic unity knowledge.

41 Materials, 715615 Polygons, 3 Lights, 5 Particle Systems, 603 Bones,

Disclaimer: The models shown in some of the previews aren't the same as the one being sold here. There will be updates made and slight changes in the future for this model.


All uploads for this model must be private, please do not upload it public.

No re-selling this package or claiming as your own

Don't buy the avatar just for parts, you can find all the parts listed in the credits listed above.


For more updates, help, questions or anything about this avatar Follow me for updates or Join the discord https://discord.gg/6FdHzHa

Discord : YaMa#5180

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